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Youth Volunteers’ Union – YVU is a well recognised society in North-Eastern India, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It started its operation with five youths responding to flood that affected Thoubal and its adjoining villages in 1972. YVU undertakes developmental programmes, to name a few, agriculture development, watershed programmes, river irrigation projects, and environment and social issues awareness creation amongst rural communities.

YVU is a group of young dedicated men and women as a voluntary endeavour primarily as a social service institution based on no-profit basis, having no political intention and to make variety of socially and locally based services available so as to reach the marginal farmers. YVU strongly believes that together with the local people and particularly with the weaker section of the small and sub-urban communities including inaccessible areas with no preference to any particular caste, creed, color, sex etc. Its roots are deeply rooted in its secular character .......
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YVU Dairy

YVU Milk Producer Company Limited (YMPC) is a company incorporated on 11th December, 2013 under Part IXA of the Companies Act, 2013. It was established as a part of the Integrated Dairy Development Project. The project is implemented by Youth Volunteers’ Union (YVU) and ......

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YVU Financial Services Private Limited

The promoters of YVU Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (YFS) began offering microfinance services in 1996 through Youth Volunteers’ Union (YVU). YVU is a society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 which was established in 1970. YVU is recognized by the people for its contribution to ......

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YVU Microfin

YVU Microfin mostly has groups which have women members, although it has formed some groups of men too. Each group has 5-7 members and 5-10 such groups together form a centre. There are village based groups and market based groups. In a group, members take joint liability of each ......

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Vision: To enable the weaker section particularly the women enhance their socio-economic condition and status in the society.

Mission: In pursuit of its vision, YVU has adopted the following missions:

  • To remain an effective change agent and bring about a constructive transformation in the lives of people;
  • To improve its efficiency, sustainability and outreach;
  • To improve the quality of life for micro-entrepreneurs, small business owners and poor households who have strong determination though provision of credit, capacity building and economic empowerment of downtrodden people;
  • To promote & encourage income generating activities for poor.

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